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Step 1: Interview & Contract

Meet with our design/build team and ask all of your questions. We will walk through the construction process, discuss your budget and plan ideas, provide you with our portfolio of work and a contract proposal. 

Step 2: Design Development

With our guidance you will work with an architect to create the plan you are dreaming of utilizing the industry's most sophisticated 3D software. You will be provided with realistic renderings of your home so you can see what it will really look like early in the design process. 

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Step 3: Initial Estimates

Once the basic design is complete, we will obtain competitive estimates for your custom home.  With these estimates we will be able to fine tune and make any adjustments before completing your final construction documents.  By joining our design and construction expertise right from the start, we are able to optimally help you set an accurate budget and schedule. 

Step 4: Final Construction Documents

A detailed set of drawings and specifications are created.

Step 5: Building Permit and Final Estimate

We submit your plans to the city for permitting and present the final bid to you for your approval.

New residential construction home framin

Step 6: Specifications & Selections

We guide you through a detailed selection process for the products that will be included in your home. Often we establish an "allocation" for certain items based on your priorities and overall budget. Then you take a "shopping list" to our preferred vendors, to pick items for each category with or without our designer at your side.

Step 7: Build

Our highly experienced Field Supervisor manages your project from start to finish and insures that you get the highest quality work. We meet with you regularly throughout construction, typically on site. We provide you with detailed updates, schedules and  financial reports. All changes to the contract documents, price or schedule are properly recorded and approved by you.

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Step 8: Construction & Contract Completion

Our team comes together to inspect the final work, deliver the warranty and close out the project to your satisfaction. 


Thanks for submitting!

3606 N 156th St, Ste.101-302

Omaha, NE 68116

Tel: 402.317.5912

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